Are 20-30 young male easier to be victim of sextortion? Repost: 警訊精選 – 網上勒索案


Written by Winki Chan

The Hong Kong Police force (HKPF) had produced two video clips on Youtube Channel in 2013 about the risk between making friends online and Sextortion.  In both videos, young men acted as the victims who were induced to perform naked chat with young sexy girls. After getting the video clips with naked images, the blackmailers (might not be young sexy girls but a group of blackmailers) would use these clips and images to threaten the victims paying for some amount of money in order for them not releasing the subject videos. At the end of both video clips, representatives from the HKPF rounded up saying that 20-30 males from white collar workforce might be easier to be the victims.

Does it mean young sexy girls are always the swindlers?

20-30 males from white collar workforce are more easier at the risk of Sextortion?

According to the Annual Press Conference on Hong Kong Crime Situation of Year 2016, HKPF presented there were 994 reported cases of blackmail in 2016 which only counted for 1.63% of the total crime cases in Hong Kong. Within the 994 blackmail case, 70% of blackmail  involved “Naked Chat". In other words, “Naked Chat” encountered 1.1% of total crime cases in 2016. However, it was not clearly shown that the exact figures of victims by distinguishing how many female victims and male victims are there. Hence, it could not be confirmed that young sexy girls are highly chance to be a blackmailers whereas 20-30 males from white collar workforce are more easier to be victimized.

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