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Hello everyone! Welcome to “Sextortion in Hong Kong"!

Our bloggers are Master students (MCrim and MCCC) from the University of Hong Kong who are undergoing a group project on media role in facilitating the society conception of crime and crime control especially in Hong Kong. Sextortion is our chosen topic. According the Hong Kong Police Force’s statistic (2016), these were 697 cases of “Naked Chat Scan" (Sextortion). The pecuniary loss was around HK$2.4 million. Our bloggers aim to share their analyses and findings based on the different media presentations on traditional media (e.g. newspaper, official websites and TV etc.) , new media and popular culture (e.g. YouTube, facebook and forums etc.) in Hong Kong. Also, our bloggers would like to demonstrate the theoretical framework that they learnt from course with related web links and videos. Base on different piece of news and video clips appear in different channels, we identified the Claims, who are the Claim-makers , any further linkages to other crime issue. Also, analyasis the news values behind, discuss any Fear of Crime/ Moral Panic? We will also talk about the reception Theory, in what ways how different media encoded and decoded the issue. Any Gender stereotype? How different media platform represent the opinions among members of a certain group about the other groups. Victim blaming issue, how different media platform and audience treat or view towards the victim?

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